In 2013 Nesfa founded Armor of Light Entertainment. Armor of Light specializes in video production, Photo-shoots, Logo design, YouTube designs, & much more!

Amor of Light was first inspired by the scripture Romans 13:12. "I come from a city where many people do not have an outlet to voice what's on their mind effectively". "I want Armor of Light to be that outlet for every person in the world that has something to say and has been silenced".

"Cries of the city is Ben's most popular video that he has produced which entails the poverty stricken life of East Baltimore (Down Da Hill). Although Nesfa is an artist himself he seeks to promote other artist through his videos where he displays there work and interviews at

In spite of the struggles Ben has faced; he continues to press pass adversity and remains steadfast and dedicated to being a world changer. For bookings and inquiries email Nesfa at


For more info on rates email:

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